Braveheart and Independence

Carrot hill 2
Wi the independence campaign now gittin cranked up beh George Osborne’s impendin statement aboot Scotland no getting to yase the pound as her currency, eh thought it’s aboot time some sanity wis brought inta this debate.

Whin eh was a boy, cowboy filums wur a the rage. John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Alan Ladd ti name a few.
In a the filums that eh mind seein, the Red Indians wur always, and eh mean always, portrayed as the baddies. Wagon trains full o peaceable folks wur constantly getting attacked beh marauding bands o hollering savages.
That wis the diet we wur fed every cowboy filum. Yi did get the token good Indian like Tonto or ane o the scouts that worked fur the cavalry. But yi widna trust them wi yir life.

Then alang comes Soldier Blue and its plehn ti see that there is anither story ti tell. Well it cheenged meh wy o thinkin. Eh wouldna be the only ane ti re-evaluate whut ehd been brainwashed inta accepting. That’s the power o movies fur yi!

Now let’s hae a look at whut Braveheart his done fur the case o’ FREEEEEDOM!

First o’ a’ let’s agree that it is a work o fiction, with some historical facts ti gie it credence…a bit like the bible really, but that’s fur anither day.

Yi canna fail ti be moved beh the struggle o Wallace, who despite all that he endured, the killing o his father an his wife, the back stabbing treachery o his fellow countrymen, still nivver bowed ti the power o Longshanks.

This filum is often kept at an airums length beh Nationalists for fear that it stirs up some anti-English sentiments. It is no an anti-English filum. It is a story o triumph over adversity. Fair enough if yi are English it might mak yi squirum, the wy eh squirumed when watching Soldier Blue. Eh suppose it canna be easy fur the Germans wi the amount o war filums they hiv hud ti endure.

So meh conclusion is that the mair that George Osborne an Dave (Longshanks) Cameron turn the screw, the national zeitgheist o Scotland post-Braveheart will dig in an ultimately say YES to INDEPENDENCE on 18th o September.